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‘No decision yet to extend FFSL’s official tenure by two months’ – The Morning

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  • Sports Ministry Secretary Dr. Amal Harsha contradicts FFSL President

By Chathura Ranasinghe 


On Wednesday (7), Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) President Jaswar Umar announced via social media that the tenure of the FFSL will be extended by another two months. Jaswar indicated that the decision had been made following a discussion between the representatives of the World Football Federation (FIFA) and the sports authorities of the country. 

But when The Morning Sports asked Sports Ministry Secretary Dr. Amal Harsha De Silva about this matter, he stated that no such decision had been taken so far regarding the extension of the current FFSL’s tenure by a further two months.

Dr. De Silva, told The Morning Sports: “The representatives of the World Football Federation made a proposal to us. In that regard, we hope to investigate the proposal and come to a decision in accordance with the laws of the country.”

The Morning Sports asked the Secretary whether extending the tenure of the FFSL would be against the sporting laws of the country, to which he responded that they intend to further investigate the matter to determine whether there could be contradictions between the decisions of the Sports Ministry and the sporting laws.


Meanwhile, the official term of the Football Federation was supposed to end on 31 May, but the Ministry of Sports approved a three-month extension to the term which ended on 31 August.

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