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Huawei 5G Core ranks as global leader for four consecutive years – The Morning

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  • GlobalData report highlights that Huawei leads among 5G core solutions

GlobalData recently released a report entitled “5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment”. The assessment concluded that the Huawei 5G Core portfolio is the strongest, rated as the “leader” among all 5G core solutions and use cases around the world. The score gap between Huawei and No. 2 is reported to be up to 2.3 times that of 2021, and this is the fourth consecutive time that Huawei 5G Core has been rated the global leader since 2019.

GlobalData is a world-renowned data analytics and consulting company in the ICT industry. It provides expertise in market research and predictions in addition to vendor analysis. According to the report, higher requirements are posed on network stability, and in turn on network reliability design as more global core networks go cloud and transition to 5G. In the context of this trend, how a 5G core network solution performs on live networks is weighed more when evaluating whether it is ready for commercial use.

As 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Non-Standalone (NSA), and 5G Stand Alone (SA) networks will coexist for a long time, and therefore, equipment vendors need to provide a 5G core network solution that can facilitate smooth network evolution towards 5G SA and utilise a convergent core network architecture to address the challenges of multiple RATs’ coexistence, like complex operations and maintenance (O&M). Moreover, equipment vendors’ technical innovation and commercial use progress in autonomous driving networks and voice services are also key assessment indicators involved in this report.

Architecture resilience: Huawei 5G Core was developed based on the telco cloud and microservice-centric architecture. Huawei 5G Core helps operators build ultra-reliable, premium networks characterised by hardware fault tolerance, software overload protection, service running as usual upon emergencies, and on-demand in-service upgrades, making services always online.

Solution maturity: Huawei 5G Core is leading large-scale commercial use worldwide with stable and reliable live network performance to help operators quickly develop users and innovate services. Specifically, Huawei 5G Core helps operators replicate 5GtoB innovation projects on large scales. For instance, the Mobile VPN solution has been successfully piloted and put into commercial use in more than 500 enterprises around the world, covering a wide range of scenarios like campus private networks, public services, healthcare, and remote offices.

Network evolution: Huawei has adopted the Single Packet Core (SPC) and Single Voice Core (SVC) solutions to build a microservice-based, fully convergent data and voice network, which is unique in the industry and can provide services for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, and 5G SA subscribers on one network. It also simplifies networking and O&M and realises smooth evolution.

Network automation: Huawei 5G Core also did well in network automation, the report indicated. The company has put forward an autonomous driving network (ADN) solution that relies on the telco cloud. This solution implements high network stability, efficient network change, and optimal network experience, and helps lift the ADN level to L4.

With continuous innovation, exploration, and commercial practices of all sectors, 5G industry development has embarked on the fast track, and a robust core network will back up the process. Huawei will continue to further develop and commercialise its 5G core solution, helping global operators advance the development of their 5GtoC and 5GtoB services and achieve business success, the company stated.


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