Surcharge on Customs duties on several imported items – The Morning


  • New Finance Minister announces levy for a period of six months


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in his capacity as Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilisation, and National Policies, has increased the surcharge on Customs duties for a number selected imported goods for a period of six months with effect from yesterday (1).

Accordingly, a surcharge on Customs duties of 75% is imposed on milk and cream, 100% on cheese, 75% on citrus fruits (fresh or dried), 75% on cereal grains, 75% on flour, 50% to 200% on chocolate, 25% on pasta, 25% on cereals and cereal products, 100% on fruit and vegetables juices, 100% on mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages, 100% on wines, 100% on spirits and liquors, 100% on tobacco and tobacco substitutes, and 75% on perfumes.

Meanwhile, the levey was imposed as 75% on cosmetic and hygiene products such as make-up, hair products, dental products, shaving and deodorants, and soap.

The levy also applies to candles, with a 75% surcharge, and rubber and tyres, at 25-50%.    




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