Sri Lanka police arrests father of three over 9-year old’s murder


ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka police arrested a 29-year-old father-of-three from Atulugama on Monday (30) as the suspected killer of nine-year-old Fatima Ayesha who had gone missing on Friday (27) after a grocery run near her home and was found dead in a nearby marsh.

Police investigations revealed that the individual was a married man and a neighbour of the victim, Police Media Spokesperson Nihal Thalduwa said. The suspect had waited on the side of the road the girl was taking on her way back from the grocery store and dragged the child to the marsh. Police added that he was also addicted to drugs.

The suspect had also joined the search party after police opened an investigation into the victim’s disappearance. Thalduwa said his behaviour at the time did not arouse suspicion.

The post mortem, conducted by three doctors on Monday, revealed that water and mud had gone into the nose, mouth and lungs of the child, which magistrates believe could be the main cause of death, Thalduwa said. Examinations showed that the child had not been raped.

Police believe the girl was murdered to prevent her from telling her parents what had happened. Some media reports said she had resisted being taken from her planned route.

Further investigations are underway, police said. (Colombo/May30/2022)

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