Sri Lanka’s new agriculture minister to propose acquiring uncultivated farmlands


ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s newly appointed agriculture minister Mahinda Amaraweera will propose to the cabinet that all paddy/farm land that have remained uncultivated for a long time be acquired and handed over to parties willing to take up agriculture, the minister said.

Warning of an impending food crisis in the island nation, Amaraweera said the government is taking steps to mitigate the crisis.

“Everyone, please get in the field, and grow [crops],” the minister said on Sunday (29) speaking to reporters.

Sri Lanka is also trying to expedite fertilizer supplies, he said.

“We have written to envoys of seven countries asking for fertilizer.

“Discussions were also held with High Commissioner to India Milinda Moragoda about expediting the 65,000MT of fertilizer due from India. We’re also planning to ask for fertilizer, gas and oil from countries like Russia and Ukraine as well,” he said. (Colombo/May30/2022)

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