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  • Autopsy report confirms Warne died of ‘natural causes’ Saturday night

Warne, his charity, and his family

  • Shane Warne was born with complete heterochromia, giving him a blue right eye and a green left eye
  • His mother is Bridgette Warne and his father is Keith Warne. His younger brother is Jason Warne
  • He had three children with Simone Callahan, whom he was married to from 1995 to 2005.
  • Since his retirement, Warne had been doing work for the Shane Warne Foundation which assists seriously ill and underprivileged children
  • In 2000, Warne lost his Australian Vice Captaincy after it was discovered that he was sending sexual text messages to a British nurse while still married to Callahan
  • He was also involved in an altercation with some teenage boys who took a photo of him smoking after he had accepted sponsorship from a nicotine patch company in return for quitting smoking
  • In April 2007, Warne and his ex-wife were reported to be getting back together two years after getting a divorce
  • However, five months later, she again left him after he inadvertently sent her a text message he had intended for another woman
  • Following his split from Callahan, Warne dated English actress Elizabeth Hurley
  • Although the relationship at first seemed short-lived following the disclosure of Warne texting sexual messages to a married Melbourne businesswoman, the couple created a media frenzy when Hurley later moved into Warne’s mansion in Brighton, Victoria
  • They announced that they were engaged in late 2011, but had called off the engagement by December 2013
  • In September 2016, a television film about Warne’s relationships was announced
  • Seven Network cancelled the project in the pre-production phase in June 2017
  • In August 2021, Warne contracted Covid-19 and was placed on a ventilator “to make sure there were no longer-lasting effects”
  • He said: “I had a thumping headache and I had one day where I had the shivers, but sweating, like when you have the flu”
  • He also said that Australians would have to learn to live with the virus

Shane Warne’s death on a Thai resort island was due to natural causes, according to an autopsy report conducted by local authorities. Warne’s body was on Sunday (6) taken from Koh Samui Island by ferry to the Surat Thani mainland and then on to a local hospital, where the autopsy took place.

Sam McPhee of The Daily Mail Australia and The Australian Associated Press reported yesterday (7) that officials had confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, which is believed to be the result of a heart attack.

Remains to reach home today

The 52-year-old’s family have been informed of the result and his body will be transferred to Australian consular officials for return to Australia, Thai Deputy National Police Spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen has said yesterday.

His remains are now expected to be prepared for an air transfer home to Melbourne today (8) ahead of a state funeral at his beloved Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), where it is anticipated 100,000 supporters will attend.


Thai police revealed last Saturday that they had found his room splattered with bloodstains from the prolonged cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but have ruled out foul play.

Thai officials do not believe Warne’s death was suspicious, while also noting no alcohol or cigarettes were found inside the luxury villa.

Two pools of blood were found on the carpet at the foot of Warne’s bed as well as three bloodstained towels, and one pillow with bloodstains also on the mattress. Ambulance crews also reported a pool of vomit by the bed.

Chest pains

Paramedic Anuch Han-Iam told media on the scene that when he and his colleague responded to the emergency call, Warne’s friends were already performing CPR.

Bo Phut Police Station Superintendent Yuttana Sirisombat earlier told reporters on Koh Samui Island that Warne had been suffering chest pains before arriving in Thailand. He also had asthma and had seen a doctor about his heart.

‘Fluid-only’ diet

Warne’s Manager James Erskine has also revealed the cricketer had recently come off a “ridiculous” fluid-only diet.

“He did go on these ridiculous sorts of diets, and he was just finished with one,” he told Nine Network on the weekend.

“It was a bit ‘all or nothing’. It was either white buns with butter and lasagna stuffed in the middle or he would be having black and green juices,” Erskine had said.

Kids’ statement

Warne’s heartbroken kids issued devastating statements about his shocking death as his family break their silence to reveal details of the “never-ending nightmare”.

Warne’s family issued a lengthy statement yesterday night with individual tributes from his parents Keith and Brigette, brother Jason, his three children Brooke, Jackson, and Summer, and ex-wife Simone Callahan.

A ‘never-ending nightmare’

“The night of 4 March 2022 is when a never-ending nightmare began for our family, for that is the date we lost our much-loved and admired son, father, brother, and Uncle, Shane Keith Warne, a tragedy we will never come to terms with,” the parents wrote.

“To find words to adequately express our sadness is an impossible task for us and looking to a future without Shane is inconceivable, hopefully, the mountain of happy memories we all have will help us cope with our ongoing grief.”

‘My dad forever’

Warne’s eldest daughter Brooke, 24, vowed to always cherish their final memories together laughing and joking around with each other.

“We were so similar in so many ways and I always used to joke that I got your genes and about how much that annoyed me,” she said.

“Well, now I couldn’t be happier and prouder that I have your genes. I am lucky and will forever be so proud to call you my Dad forever. I love you to infinity and back and I will miss you forever.”


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