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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sri Lankan expats, students leaving Ukraine asked to carry documents, supplies

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry has asked Sri Lankan expatriates and students coming from Ukraine to carry identification and travel documents on them along with essential supplies when crossing to border countries.

The Foreign Ministry started evacuating Sri Lankans in Ukraine last week as the invading Russian military further advanced into Ukrainian territory.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to liaise closely with the Sri Lanka Embassies in Ankara and Warsaw to facilitate the safe passage and evacuation of Sri Lankan expatriates/students in Ukraine,” a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday (03).

“Seventeen Sri Lankan nationals departed from Ukraine prior to the commencement of hostilities, and since then the Foreign Ministry, in coordination with its overseas Missions in Ankara and Warsaw, has facilitated the evacuation of further 32 Sri Lankans from Ukraine via the Polish border.” According to one ministry source, two of these Sri Lankan nationals had already reached Colombo as of Wednesday (02).

The ministry said the remaining Sri Lankan nationals in Ukraine who are proceeding to the Polish border to return to the island via Poland are kindly requested to contact officials of the Sri Lanka embassy in Warsaw or Ankara through the following hotlines:

Tel: (Warsaw) +48 795 031 376, +48 536 229 694;

(Ankara) +90 534 456 94 98, +90 312 427 10 32

The Ministry further said, it is liaising with the Sri Lanka embassy in Moscow to facilitate the temporary voluntary return of Sri Lankan students at the Gomel State Medical University and Grodno State Medical University in Belarus.

Students wishing to return temporarily from the above two universities are requested to contact the Sri Lanka embassy in Moscow through the following hotline for information and assistance

Tel: +79 80 144 5726

Ministry requests the expatriates/students entering the territory of border countries to bring with them:

  • Valid passports/travel documents;
  • Identification documents such as a birth certificate, passport copy, if a temporary travel document (passport) is required;
  • Adequate supply of food, water and medicines due to long waiting times at the border.

For further inquiries, the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be contacted through the following:

Tel: +94 11 233 8837, +94 11 233 5942

E-mail: dgcons@mfa.gov.lk


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