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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sri Lanka evacuating 40 nationals in Ukraine via Poland, watching Belarus

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ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is making efforts to evacuate 40 nationals from Ukraine which has been invaded by Russia, via Poland, the Foreign Ministry said.

The Sri Lanka embassy in Moscow was also in touch with 1,600 nationals in neighbouring Belarus.

Belarus was used as a staging post by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. Belarus, led by Putin’s ally Alexander Lukashenko, has just lifted its non-nuclear status, raising tensions.

“…[T]he Ministry is currently engaged in the evacuation of approximately forty (40) Sri Lankan nationals, including two (02) students in Ukraine via the Ukraine – Polish border,” a statement said.

“The process is facilitated by the Sri Lanka Embassies in Warsaw and Ankara, the latter being concurrently accredited to Ukraine.

“The Ambassadors of Sri Lanka in Ankara and Warsaw continue to maintain close contact with the Sri Lankan nationals leaving Ukraine, in order to enable their safe passage and return to Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lankan nationals in the region are advised to be in close contact with the relevant Sri Lanka Missions.

Sri Lanka’s embassy in Moscow is in contact with 1,600 nationals in Belarus. There were 1,556 students in eight universities or higher education institutes in Belarus. (Colombo/Mar 01/2022)

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